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Root calculator

The roots of the calculator is made for solving problems with the calculation of the roots of any degree.

By default, calculates the square roots. The value of the degree can be changed. You can change the precision of the calculation (number of digits after the decimal point).

2 0 = 0
Root of:  
2 0 = 0

Instructions for the roots calculator

In the "Number", enter the number of root from which you want to calculate.
In the "Degree", enter the degree (default 2).
If necessary, change the accuracy of the calculation, select the desired value from the drop down menu "Decimal"(the default is 20 decimal places).

Calculator automatically finds roots, as you enter characters or change the values of the settings, so in most cases you do not need to click on the "Result".

To reset the calculator to its initial state, click the "Reset".

We wish you a comfortable work!

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